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Bespoke Travel Planning

Sometimes you simply find you don’t have time to plan that adventure on your own, or you find that you might need a little assistance in preparing a custom itinerary. If that happens, then we are here to provide you with our professional personalized bespoke travel planning services. In addition, we can assist you with all of your travel planning needs for a spring, summer or fall break in Spain. Explore Portugal from the Minho River in the North, to Porto and the Douro River Valley, or the Alentejo and Algarve. Enjoy the south of France from Bordeaux to Provence, or travel from Paris to the coast of Normandy and Brittany in the West or to Alsace in the East.

Destinations by Maribel specializes in designing exclusive tour packages for individuals, families and small groups of friends traveling together to Spain, Portugal and France for the first time, or for those returning wanting another unique adventure on the Iberian Peninsula. Your exclusive package can be escorted or self-guided, chauffeured or self-drive, designed so that you can experience the unique food, wine and culture of the region.

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